Thursday, May 25, 2006

My weekend following a new and upcoming pop band (“baby bands” as we like to call them) inspired me to ponder the question of the difference between a fan and a fanatic. I’m not completely sure I’m even qualified to address that question objectively and yet I can’t ignore the concept.

There seem to be some overt differences which are perhaps better compiled into a list of some of the more choice comparisons:

Fan: Chasing after the dream of meeting your idol.
Fanatic: Chasing your idol down the street and asking him to sign your tits.

Fan: Coming to the venue early in hopes of getting a spot close to the stage.
Fanatic: Arriving at the venue three days before the show, staking out the area, formulating a strategy for the most efficient way to run to the stage, and camping out to hold your spot in line.

Fan: Going to see your favorite band perform for the third time.
Fanatic: Going to see your favorite band perform for the third time that week.

Fan: Holding up a sign at the show that says, “Marry me!”
Fanatic: Planning the wedding.

Fan: Driving past your idol’s house when you happen to be vacationing in the area.
Fanatic: Spending your vacation sitting outside your idol’s house for 10 hours a day in hopes he/she’ll invite you in.

Fan: Always ordering an advanced copy of your favorite band’s new album.
Fanatic: Ordering a copy of your favorite band’s new album from every country it’s released in so you can have all the possible alternate tracks and album cover variations.

Fan: Getting your idol’s autograph.
Fanatic: Getting your idol’s autograph tattooed on your ass.

So now I must ponder the question…. Under which category do I fall?

Wouldn’t you like to know.


Blogger Andytaylor7609 said...

I could probably answer that question, but will leave people guessing just for you.....

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh... well, you know many would argue that your definition of "fan" would fall under the definition of "fanatic". To many people, simply buying an album and going to the concert (with a seat up in the nosebleeds) qualifies them as a "fan"... to them, those folks waiting in line to get up front or hovering around the tour bus in hopes of getting an autograph are freaks.

When I was fifteen, I joined my best friend on a weekend tour of Wisconsin to catch four shows in two days of her idol, Michael Damian. I owned a cassette copy of the album that she had copied for me less than a month prior and I still didn't know all of the songs. When I told people what I had done with my weekend, they would shake their heads and say, "you know, the word FAN comes from the word FANATIC..."

... I guess it's all relative...

1:28 PM  
Blogger Varla said...

Oh darlin, I have my suspicions as well...but I'll reserve my judgement as well! =)

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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