Thursday, May 25, 2006

My weekend following a new and upcoming pop band (“baby bands” as we like to call them) inspired me to ponder the question of the difference between a fan and a fanatic. I’m not completely sure I’m even qualified to address that question objectively and yet I can’t ignore the concept.

There seem to be some overt differences which are perhaps better compiled into a list of some of the more choice comparisons:

Fan: Chasing after the dream of meeting your idol.
Fanatic: Chasing your idol down the street and asking him to sign your tits.

Fan: Coming to the venue early in hopes of getting a spot close to the stage.
Fanatic: Arriving at the venue three days before the show, staking out the area, formulating a strategy for the most efficient way to run to the stage, and camping out to hold your spot in line.

Fan: Going to see your favorite band perform for the third time.
Fanatic: Going to see your favorite band perform for the third time that week.

Fan: Holding up a sign at the show that says, “Marry me!”
Fanatic: Planning the wedding.

Fan: Driving past your idol’s house when you happen to be vacationing in the area.
Fanatic: Spending your vacation sitting outside your idol’s house for 10 hours a day in hopes he/she’ll invite you in.

Fan: Always ordering an advanced copy of your favorite band’s new album.
Fanatic: Ordering a copy of your favorite band’s new album from every country it’s released in so you can have all the possible alternate tracks and album cover variations.

Fan: Getting your idol’s autograph.
Fanatic: Getting your idol’s autograph tattooed on your ass.

So now I must ponder the question…. Under which category do I fall?

Wouldn’t you like to know.